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About Us

Who We Are


Goodbye Bugs Pest Control is a locally owned company based out of sunny Miami, FL. We have over twenty years of experience in the pest control business. We provide an array of services, including options for organic and environmentally conscious chemicals.

Our Mission

We treat you as humans and strive to ensure full customer satisfaction. Our services cover everything from non-lethal bee relocation, termite tenting, and general pest control. 

Our Certifications & Qualifications

With over twenty years in the business you can bet we are fully certified, licensed, and qualified to rid your life of those pesky bugs and pests. 

Bee Relocation

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Bees are the linchpin to any healthy ecosystem. Over the years, bee populations have been plummeting around the world. While hosting a hive in your residence is a serious inconvenience, the preservation of a colony is of paramount ecological concern. We strive to remove bees from your residence or business in a non-lethal manner, so that they can be relocated to a bee farm and continue buttressing the environment.

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